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Code of conduct

Code of conduct

At Blacktown Boys High School we take a student's education seriously and make no apologies for the consequences for poor behaviour that disrupts the learning of others at the school. Blacktown Boys follows the procedures mandated by the Department of Educations' Student Behaviour Policy.

We expect all students to follow an accepted code of conduct. This code has been developed in consultation with the students and focusses on three targeted areas: Learning, Respect and Safety.

A breach of the code of conduct may result in a referral to a Head Teacher or Deputy Principal after disciplinary action has been referred or exhausted by the classroom teacher. Formal disciplinary action ranges from verbal to official cautions by senior executive to suspension and in rare cases expulsion.

All students have the right to attend school to learn and be free of any disruptive behaviour. Disruptive behaviour includes verbal abuse, physical abuse or disruption through cyber means which prevents another student from learning or a teacher teaching a class or a student.  The code of conduct at Blacktown Boys High School is clear and concise: It applies to behaviour to, from and at  school.


  • every member of the school is entitled to learn
  • teachers have the right to teach
  • students should be ready to learn
  • bring equipment
  • have a positive attitude
  • everyone should be allowed to learn
  • students should take responsibility for their learning
  • Students and staff should make Blacktown Boys' High School a good place to learn.


  • school and its members are entitled to respect
  • respect every member of the school's community staff, students, visitors, yourself
  • be polite - "Hands Off"
  • use appropriate language
  • use positive and respectful communication
  • respect individual differences - race, gender, religion, feelings, and abilities
  • respect the property of the school and other people
  • respect other people's property
  • respect school property
  • keep the playground free from rubbish.


  • every member of the school is entitled to feel safe
  • be careful, be aware, think again.

Allow other students to feel safe by:

  • being friendly and courteous to others
  • keeping your hands and feet to yourself
  • avoid dangerous items including: Illegal substances (drugs) and Weapons
  • use furniture correctly.

Follow safety instructions:

  • always walk in buildings
  • follow practical class guidelines
  • stay in school grounds
  • obey road rules.