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School library

Blacktown Boys High school library

‘Libraries throw a light into the darkness of the past, and provide a foundation for our future efforts'

The Blacktown Boys High Library provides books and other resources to assist in the educational and personal development of students at the schools. It is a well-equipped and presented school library, providing learning materials for students and staff.

The Blacktown Boys High Library provides a large and updated collection targeted at the information needs of high school students. The library contains Fiction and Non Fiction collections of books, Graphic Novels, Reference Books and HSC Study Guides. The library also has eight general access computers for student use and six dedicated computers for senior students. The library also has audio-visual equipment and video for staff use among other resources.

There is space for two classes, a Senior Study Area, a Teacher's Library, and a number of staff working areas. The space is comfortable and air conditioned for use on hot days. It is available for class and senior use throughout the day, and open recess and lunch for general use by junior students.

Library services

The library provides a venue where students can research and complete class work or borrow books for educational and recreational reading.

There are eight computers in the general area of the library for student and a further six computers for senior students in the senior study area. The library provides a dedicated workstation for the printing of library assignments during Recess and Lunch. We offer both colour and black and white printing.

Student requests of resources are accepted by the library and if requests meet the acceptable standard for a high school library are generally purchased for the collection.

Premier's Reading Challenge 2014

The NSW Premier's Reading Challenge ended on September the 1st with Blacktown Boys High again having a number of students who successfully completed the challenge. In total, 34 students completed the challenge and some of those students will certainly have achieved a gold award after having the completed the challenge 4 times previously.

The NSW Premier's Reading Challenge is very popular with Year 7, 8 and 9 students, with Year 7 in particular strongly represented. Many Year 7 students read widely for pleasure and research, and are regular borrowers from the Blacktown Boys High Library.

The full list of students who completed the challenge in 2013 are as follows:

Year 7:

Alvy Ahmed, Vihaal Amaranandham, Omid Azizi, Isaiah Balot, Abhitej Bhandari, Vinee Bhandari, Rudra Chauhan, Roshan Chenginiyadan, Eashan Chhabra, Manraj Chohan, Eisa Darfour, Lachlan Hibbert, Adib Hossain, Akshayram Karthikeyan, Lachlan Klingberg, Rohan Nath, Jaimejose Paje, Nisharth Patel, Arun Puri, Dellushan, Rajkumar, Rafid Salah, Paarth Sharma, Utkarsh Sharma, Adrian Single, Kayosh Thiyagaraja, Niroshan Uthayakumar.

Year 8:

Mark Liang, Mohammed Nasir, Hary Nethra, Olivo Kristensen, Nishil Patel.

Year 9:

Mohammad Ganaim, Sherwin Ramezani, Dharmraj Zala.

The certificates usually arrive later in Term 4 and are presented to the students during school assembly.

Congratulations to all those students who completed the challenge. Those students who would like to enter the NSW Premier's Reading Challenge for 2014 should see the librarian for further information.

Library chess competition

The Blacktown Boys School Library Open Competition for Years 7, 8 and 9 is completed.

The students were divided into five groups: The Knights, Rooks, Bishops, Pawns and the Queens. The winners of each of these groups was decided in a knockout competition, with the winners progressing to a final group, the Kings, for a round robin final to decide the overall winner.

The five students to progress to the finals were: Jamie Paje, Sebastien Varela, Jeffrey Huang, Sulaiman Papal and Dhruvil Gohel. Two undefeated students met in the final match Jamie Paje from Year 7 and Suliaman Papal from Year 8. Jaime Paje won the final match and is the BBHS Year 7,8 and 9 Chess Champion for 2013. Congratulations Jaime.

The participating students were:

Year 7:

Isaiah Balot, Parin Bharwad, Roshan Chenginiyadan, Rio Dangkua, Ritwhik Gupta, Cameron Heydeman, Het Patel, Jaime Paje, Arun Puri, Abubaker Sajid, Rafid Salah, Anuj Shah, Zulfiqar Shafaie, Brindan Somalingan, Jia Yi Wang.

Year 8:

Paramveer Bassi, Eashan Chhabra, Raiyan Hossain, Jeffrey Huang, Michael Klopf, Issac Laws, Abdul Muqueet, David Mila, Mark Liang, Harry Lomax, Sulaiman Papal, Ashwin Rajkumar, Alan Reji, Abdul Samad, Angad Singh, Sohrabh Singh, Delnesh Sundarampillia, Sebastien Varela.

Year 9:

Hemanth Adusumilli, Dhruvil Gohel, Shubham Jani, Aryan Razdan, Jack Webster, Jake Xu, Raj Zala.

Congratulations to all the students who participated, well done.

Year 7 Lunchtime tennis competition

The Year 7 Lunchtime Tennis Competition is organised by the librarian Mr Everingham. The matches take place on the school tennis courts each Monday at lunchtime and are supervised by Mr Everingham while the library is attended by the Principal Mr Addy.

The Year 7 students always embrace the competition enthusiastically and compete with a good spirit many learning some of the skills of the game for the first time.

This year each doubles team of two students chose a team name and they were drawn into one of five groups where they competed in a round robin competition, with the winner of each group progressing into a finals group.

The participating students with their team names in 2013 are:

Arun Puri and Rafid Salah (Alpha Males), Jacob Mulholland and Ahmad Choudhry(The Lions), Riwhik Gupta and Paarth Sharma (Fedders), Rohan Nath and Adrian Single ( The Dragons), Brindan Somalingam and Akshay Karthikeyan (The All-Stars), Parin Bhrawad and Het Patel (The Storms), Anuj Shah and Jawwad Syed (The Rangers), Ahemd Azaz and Roshan Chenginiyadan (The Blue Bloods), Rakul Jeyakumar and Jerin Abraltam (Chocolate), Ahmed Malik and Michael Thiab (The Expendables), Elan Kabir and Nicholas Wright (The KIngs of the Court), Isaiah Balot and Lachlan Hibbert (Star Ace), Dellushan Rajkumar and Samuel Hossain (The Avengers), Daniel Byun and Chris Feghali (Teletubbies United) and Jaime Paje and Benjamin Borneste (The Filo Duo).