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Literacy week 2015

Literacy Week returned to Blacktown Boys' High School in as colourful fashion as ever, with many staff and students embracing the celebration of everything literacy.

Monday's Literacy week assembly featured a short skit by the English Faculty about the brave teachers conquering evil and saving their school, Raptown High School, and returning it to peace once more! 

Tuesday brought many superheroes and villains to Blacktown, with Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne having to cast aside their secret identities to save the world from Harley Quinn's plot as Superman and Batman, aided by Robin, Sailor Moon and the Ninja Turtles! At lunch time, Mr Addy's treasure chest of valuables was recovered by an intelligent group of year 10 detectives, after being led on the investigation by Mr D'Souza. 

Wednesday saw the crowds go wild as many sporting heroes featured throughout the day. Many a fierce rivalry were sparked during the day, but all tensions eased with the help of Mr Dibbs and Miss Aknar's Theatre Sports, which brought joy and drama to everybody. 

A long time ago, in a school far, far away Science Fi and Space came to Blacktown! There was an intergalactic Star Wars melee at lunch time, which saw the Jedi Forces conquer Darth Vader and his Dark Side once and for all! Ms Kaur had a brave team of students to overcome the challenges of 4 syllable words in the annual spelling challenge too.

Friday brought the best out of Blacktown Boys' High School with Multicultural Day. Many of the staff and students got actively involved in this colourful and vibrant day. The day saw all cultures, old, new and in between, including Ancient Romans, Mexicana, German, Indian, Polynesian and even Russian. The day was rounded off with a special Harry Potter Trivia Challenge, hosted by Mr Martin. 

Literacy Week was a very successful week for the entire Blacktown Boys' High School community. The English Faculty would like to thank ALL staff, students and parents that were involved in making the week such a great success. 

Happy Literacy Week.

Mr D'Souza